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A bibliography section of a book is where the author lists all the books they used to create their book. This is most useful in a non-fiction research book, where the basis of the book is a number of other books. Still, it could be useful for a fiction book as well, where research was done into the time period or topic area.

Bibliography Page Layout None of my books contain bibliographies, because in general I am writing about topics I have created on my own. I create my own sangria recipes, and I develop my own low carb recipes. However, there are of course a myriad of reasons a book can and should include a bibliography. This one here is from American Vintage by Paul Lukacs. Paul's book is incredibly well researched and his bibliography goes on for many pages. I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in American winemaking history.

There are many pages and books out there that can instruct an author in the exact layout for a bibliography. This is a topic that is taught in most high schools and colleges. In general you want to alphabetize the list in order of the books' authors' last names. There are various rules about how to list the location and year of printing and so on. I won't get into that here - suffice it to say that you should do that research if you intend to list the books. It's not hard, but there's a format to it.

The bibliography area is in the back matter section of the book. As such it can either have page numbers that flow from the main body matter, or it can have its own roman numerals. The Bibliography should be in the table of contents, so either way it should have some sort of a number.

If you used a book for source information, it's good practice to then list it in the bibliography. It's giving credit where credit was due.

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