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PaperBackBookSwap is a really cool site to know about simply as a reader, never mind as an author. You swap your used books for other peoples' books and it's all entirely free. A great way to have a constant supply of new reading material! As an author, you definitely want to make sure your books are in their system, that they're accurate, and that you watch the reviews that are posted.

First, you need an account. It's completely free to set up an account. You start at and register for one.

Once you're in the system, do a search for your own name. See if you show up as having your books in there. So in my case I search on "Lisa Shea". Now there happen to be other Lisa Sheas out there who have written books, so I do have to go past them to find me. Depending on how common or uncommon your name is, you might find the same issue. When I search for author "Thomas Hollyday" for example I only find books he's written.

If you find your books, that's a good first step. Look over the cover and data for them. Is everything accurate? Here, for example, is the entry for one of my books, on Weddings & Courtship traditions in Italy. I clicked on the "More Options" button to the right of the cover to expand out what those options are. The ninth option down is to "Edit Book Data".

PaperBackBookSwap - Book Review Site

When you submit changes they will be reviewed by a moderator. That's to keep a spammer from filling book entries with spam. Moderators can be a very good thing! So be patient with seeing your changes go live.

If books are missing from the list, it's time to add them in. Go into "My Account" from the top menu bar and then "Post Books". You enter the ISBN from your book and then follow the prompts. Make sure you have a good version of the cover image, and fill in the description and other information.

I highly recommend having one of each of your books in the system, from "your library", available to swap, at least to get started. I.e. donate one "swap" book to the cause to get the marketing rolling. That way you encourage people to read about your books and learn more about them. If someone orders one, you do get a credit and then get to order a copy of any book in the entire system that you want. So it's not an entirely free donation you're making.

This is definitely a site to make sure your books are in, and that you occasionally check for reviews!

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