Page Count

Multiple of 4

Pick up any book around you and take a look at it. You might think that each page is somehow stuck individually into the spine and glued there - but that would be a very iffy process. Just a gentle tug on the page could cause that page to come loose in your hand. Instead, what they do at the printer is start with pages that are double length. They fold them in half. They stick that folded edge into the spine and glue it. Now, in order for pages to come out, the entire folded piece would have to pull loose. That's far less likely to happen.

What this means for you is that your page count of your final printed book is ALWAYS going to be in a multiple of four. There is no way to prevent that from happening.

To see how this works, pick up a piece of paper. Fold it in half. This is one of the "items" that gets stuck into your book. It has a front page, a second page, a third page, and a fourth page. There are four individual pages which make up that one piece of paper. This is the same way your book is going to work.

What this means is that you should take advantage of those pages if you're going to have them in the book anyway.

So first, write your book. Don't worry about the page count yet. When you finish with the book, then look at the total number of inside pages in your book. This doesn't count the cover, remember. It only counts the soft paper pages within the book.

Is it a multiple of four? If so, you're all set. Your book is perfect as is and doesn't need any adjustment.

However, does your book come out to NOT be an even multiple of four? This means you'll have some blank pages at the end. Here are some ways to put those pages to good use!

About the Author
I always recommend having one of these anyway, but if you didn't have one, now is the time to add it. It'll take up one of those blank pages and build your reputation with your fans.

Dedication Information
Again something I recommend you have anyway, to thank those who have helped you along the way. It's a gracious thing to do, and it promotes good karma to help those who helped you. If you haven't created a dedication page yet, now's the time to use one of those blank pages to do that.

Other Projects
If you have other books, websites, or projects that you've got for your fans to enjoy, here is the place to list them out. That way people can easily scan your list of works and see what else they should pick up.

Glossary of Terms
Did you include a glossary of some of the more confusing terms you'd included? Now you've got a spot to list a few of them. Your readers could find that very helpful and thank you for that.

Charity Mention
Why not give praise to your favorite charity, and encourage others to support them? That could be a perfect use for this empty page.

Remember, this page is going to be in your book anyway. You can't make the page go away. You might as well use it to your best advantage!

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