Overview of Self Publishing a Book

Getting your Book Published Here are the basic steps I take when I decide to create a new book and bring it out into the market. This is the general overview of steps - be sure to read my individual pages for details on how to achieve each of these goals!

1. Write the Book
I have many tips on these pages to get you motivated and organized. The key here is to have a directory which holds your Word document and a version-tracking text file. Have this starting document in 8.5 x 11 size. This is great for printing, handing out to friends to print, and making notes on. Dump all your ideas into the document. You can refine and edit at the end. Make sure you gather up people to help you proof it.

2. Publish the Full-Sized PDF
This is a step I personally take because I have websites where I can sell the PDF and get "full income" from them. That is, I get the full sales price without someone else taking a cut. Since this is the highest revenue option available, I go with it. I use PayPal for payment. I often also offer an EPUB and MOBI version. If you don't have access to a website to do your own sales, you can probably skip this step.

3. Publish the Print Book
I have series both on Lulu and CreateSpace. They both have their pros and cons. Whatever one you go with for a specific book, the process is the same. First, save a copy of your book document to be this new print version. So if my original Word document was microwave.docx, this new one would be microwave-print.docx, in the same folder. The key thing is to alter this new version so it's the proper page size, usually 6x9. This will require an hour or two of shuffling of pages, usually, as page breaks slide and so on. Put the print version ISBN on your copyright page and on the back cover. You can either buy your ISBN yourself or get it for free from your publisher. I cover the pros and cons here -

ISBN Numbers and Books

When you've altered your page size and included the ISBN on the copyright page, save those changes. Now save out a PDF of this print version. Load that PDF into whatever system you're using - CreateSpace, Lulu, or so on. This is COMPLETELY FREE to do. They will print on demand when sales are made. So you pay no up front fees. You simply load into their system and receive your royalty payments as sales are made.

As part of this loading, create a cover JPG image to match the cover size. Their system will provide you with an exact template. So use their template and load that up that JPG. Voila! You now have a print version ready to sell. Again this is free, easy, and just takes a little formatting work. Keep track of your progress in your version document.

4. Publish the Ebook Version
Now that your print book is done, you save a new version of your Word document, this one the ebook version. In our example, this file would be microwave-ebook.docx. In this file, make sure any images are NOT wrapped - ebooks don't wrap images and text. Put the images "in line" in the location you want them to appear in the stream. Remove any tables you can replace them with JPG images. Remember that ebooks don't have a set width. The user can make the text as big or little as they wish. You can only control the order of the items. You should only have page breaks between chapters. Everything else should auto-flow.

Save this out as "Save as Web Page, Filtered". Use Calibre to turn that HTM file into an EPUB file. If necessary, tweak that EPUB file with SIGIL. Then if necessary use Calibre to turn that EPUB into a MOBI for Kindle. Now you can load that onto the various sites!

Now, market!

Once you get the hang of it, it should take less than 30 minutes, from when you have that finished book written, to have both the paperback and ebook versions loaded into their respective systems for publishing.

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