Organizing / Copying Kindle Notes

Reading books on a Kindle is a great way to review them. You can carry the book wherever you go and read a chapter while waiting at the doctor's or waiting for the bus. You can make notes right in the document. The question, then, is, how do you get all those notes to the author who needs the feedback? If it's your own book you're reviewing, how do you review your own notes?

Organizing / Copying Kindle Notes To begin with, you want to go to Kindle.Amazon.Com and sign in with your normal Amazon logon. This gets you to your Kindle organizing area.

Go to "Your Books" in the top menu interface to see the list of books you have access to for your Kindle.

Click on the book you want to see the notes for.

You're now on the detail page for this book. In the top right will be information about how many notes and highlights you have on that book. Click on that.

Voila! You'll see what the screenshot here shows. Every one of the things you took notes on, in order, with the details of what was highlighted, the notes, and the location. This is just what you or the author will need in order to examine these corrections.

This makes the Kindle a great tool for editing or offering feedback on written works.

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