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Thomas Elliott is a friend of mine. He�s the book reviewer for the national Mensa magazine. He has published the book �So you want to be a talent agent?� �

Talent Agency Book
Talent Agency Book on Amazon

It�s a large format book; an unusual size. Tom E chose to go with iUniverse which is a for-pay publishing system. He is listed in Amazon and other online storefronts. Here are some of his thoughts on iUniverse, which he graciously allowed me to share!


As for me, I chose iUniverse because it was familiar to me, I had worked with similar publishers in the past, many Mensan authors (whose books I reviewed) used it at the time, the price was reasonable for the package they offered (conversion to digital, design of cover, listings on Amazon and other websites). Also, I'm definitely on the side of print/hardcopy versions vs. digital versions, and iUniverse seemed to be stronger in that area.

As is the case with most publishers, there is a myriad of royalty plans, with exceptions and adjustments, but generally I receive a royalty of 20%, based on retail price less shipping, handling, and wholesale discounts. As I understand it, wholesale orders to bookstores and such earn a 30% discount off the retail price.


The iUniverse packages are listed here and start at $899.00

iUniverse Packages

Tom�s book retails for $21.95 so he�s making about $4.40 per book. So definitely more per book than I make on my romance novels :). It�s also important to point out that he has a book people are willing to pay much more for, compared with my romance novels. There are millions of romance novels out there for $2.99 and they�re �Leisure reading�. People grab random ones to read and expect to pay pennies. With Tom�s book, they are looking to start a career and are usually more willing to invest money in that process. He has a helpful how-to for a niche business, and people are willing to pay for that knowledge. So it�s well worth it to do serious research in your book�s topic area. Look at your competitors, see their size and length and pricing. That way you know what the market standard is. If your goal is to make money, I suggest heading into the how-to direction :).

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