Google Play Publishing On Demand

Self Publishing Ebooks

Google Play is a huge, huge store with vast number of users. Unfortunately, Google Play keeps turning off and on its ability to take in new authors. So depending on when you try to do this, you might either be able to make an account or be turned away. If you're turned away, just keep trying every week or so. Eventually you should be able to hit them when they are taking in new authors.

Start by going to:

You need to have a Google account in order to work with Google.

Google Play Self Publishing

To start a new book, just click the big "Add Book" button.

Google Play Self Publishing

The screens are the same as with any other system. Give it a title and author name. Give it a description.

Google Play Self Publishing

Load up the EPUB, set a price, and put it into a category.

Voila, done!

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