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The GoodReads giveaways area is solely about giving away paperback copies of books. That's its sole purpose. For authors who need reviews, this can often result in a higher rate of reviews written than other avenues. Here's how it works.

First, you want to set up a GoodReads Author Account. I have step by step instructions linked to below if you don't have one of these yet. You definitely want an author account and to have your book(s) live in the GoodReads system.

Now go to your author page. Here's a screenshot of mine to show you how this page is laid out.

Goodreads Book Giveaways

On the top right menu bar will be a link named "Explore." To its right is an arrow. From that arrow's drop-down you want to choose the link titled "Giveaways". Makes sense, yes?

You can see here all the books currently being given away. You might want to enter a few giveaways yourself! Take a look through books in your category to see how they work. You get to promote your cover, title, blurb, link to you, and more. You choose how many copies you'll be giving away and the start and end date of your giveaway. Look to see what other people are doing. You want to give away a few copies - this gets people more excited about clicking to explore your book. Having only one chance to win isn't as appealing as having five chances to win. You want them to be drawn in to learn more.

While some books here are pre-release, many others are post-release. So either way is fine.

While super-long giveaways might seem like the most bang-for-the-buck, they're also not as exciting to people. People put those off as "something I'll enter later" - and they forget to. You want something that is exciting and "grab it while it's hot!" That way lots of people enter, meaning lots of people read your blurb and learn about you. A portion will then buy.

Consider allowing non-US countries to enter. This gains you a large audience which other books are missing out on.

So, you're ready to do your own giveaway. In the top right of the giveaway main page, click on "List a Giveaway."

Goodreads Book Giveaways

The fields are pretty simple. Fill in the title, description, start and end date, and so on. Make sure your blurb is alluring, just like with your blurb on Amazon and other sites! This blurb is how people judge you. It was to make them excited about reading the book. It has to draw them in.

Once you submit your giveaway, it takes the GoodReads staff two days or so to process the request. Be patient. They'll get to it soon.

Then it goes live! Publicize the giveaway, encourage people to enter, and have fun with it. Then, when the giveaway is over, make sure you send those books out :).

A substantial portion of people who get these books will post reviews of them. So if you don't have any reviews yet, this can be an ideal way to get some! The listing of the giveaway is completely free. The only thing that "costs" you in this is the buying of the book in the first place and its shipping cost to get it to the winner.

Thank you to Lynnette for first helping me understand how giveaways work!

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