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Get Your Book Written According to data released by Bowker, the organization that tracks ISBNs, there were 727,000 self-published ISBNs issued in 2015. That is up from previous years:

2013: 458,564 self-published
2012: 391,000 self-published books
2011: 230,690 self-published books
2008: 104,934 self-published books
2007: 92,654 self-published books

This only includes books that get ISBNs - many systems like Kindle donít require the users to get an ISBN for their book. That fact might be offset by the books that are double or triple counted, such as books that come out both in paperback and ebook since each format requires its own unique ISBN identifier (except on Amazonís Kindle system, where they use a proprietary ASIN code instead).

Still, however you count it, that seems to state that by the time 2017 ends we will have well over a million new, self-published books in that year alone. Fresh, brand new content on every type of topic. Medieval murder mysteries with a female lead. Mixed-race romances with an African-American male and a Malaysian female. Epic, sweeping dramas tracing the life of a multi-generation family of Inuit fishermen. Books on how to raise tadpoles. 1001 uses for dryer lint. That sub-sub-niche that was previously empty will now be filled. That popular topic that used to have fierce competition will now have rabid competition.

There won't just be a few new books out in a week to contend against. There will be thousands of new books, each with stunning covers, perfect titles, and well-written, well-researched content. They will come from authors all over the world who have put their life's hopes and dreams behind their writing.

The tidal wave has arrived.

What this means is, if you've been on the fence, that you should publish NOW. Get your butt in that chair. Do your research. Get the words out. Then polish, hone, and use every resource you have to make what you've written the very best it can be. Sludge will no longer be found, for the most part. There's just too much great material being released every day for a reader to put up with poorly written content, poorly researched scenarios, or cobbled-together characters. Make your work shine. Make it the best you can be. Build a reading group who will give you valuable, constructive criticism and listen to it. Strive to make your work resonate.

And then release it!

Don't wait six months. Don't wait a year or two. At the rate the self-publishing flood is rising, you could miss your window of opportunity. Right now you have a chance of being found. In three or four years, when the publishing levels could be at a million books or more a year, it could be far harder to gain any traction as a new author.

Write it now.

Do it now.

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