Friends who have Published Books

These are all friends of mine who have successfully published books. I of course encourage you to buy their books - but more than that, if they have a book on a topic similar to one you want to write, feel free to contact them and see if they have any advice for you. You never know what critical piece of information you'll learn!

Terrie - Homeschooling Author
Kris - College Writing Author

Deborah Adams -
My book is The Secret of The Reef [from]. It's a small fiction book. I've only sold three but I haven't had time to do anything with it. I put it up a long time ago and they had covers you could pick from so that's what I did. Everyone who has read it loved it and I had a writers group check it out and they loved it too. Anyway, maybe one day I'll get an ISBN number and get it advertised :)

Sandra Grisby -
I've self-published, in addition to winning poetry contests. My published (slim) volume of poetry is "Every Stone in the River", available at Amazon. Every Stone in the River

Gregory Kompes:
50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live (Career Press, 2005)--bestselling book in 2006!
Queer Collection: Prose & Poetry 2007 (Fabulist Flash Publishing, 2007)

Ebooks include:
Endorsement Quest
How To Write an eBook
So, You Wanna Be a Writer
Creating Your Online Media Kit

I'm also published in the following anthologies/collections

Chopped Liver for the Gentle Spirit (Bestselling Books, 2005)
Chopped Liver for the Kindred Spirit (Bestselling Books, 2006)
Writer's Bloc (Mystic Publishers, 2006)
The Complete Writer's Journal (Red Engine Press, 2006)

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