First Novel when You are Old

First Novel when You are Old The main point here is - WHO IS OLD??? No matter how old you are, someone else is older, unless of course you are the oldest human being on the planet. You are NEVER too old to start writing. There is always creativity in your soul and the ability to communicate that information to others.

Here are some inspirational authors!

Laura Ingalls Wilder didn't start writing her books until she was in her sixties - and she became EXTREMELY famous for her Little House on the Prairie series.

Mary Wesley has sold millions of her books; she didn't begin until she was 70.

Richard Adams published Watership Down - now required reading in many schools - in his fifties.

How about The Big Sleep! One of my favorite books and movies. Raymond Chandler was 51 when he published this first book.

You can find examples of people who start later in life in every field. Grandma Moses didn't begin painting until she was in her seventies.

For many people they only CAN write after they have lived a full life, experienced issues and gone through what life throws at them. If they had written earlier, they would never have been able to write with the maturity and knowledge they now possess!

So if you're not a young chicken, it's perfect! This is the great time to get your pen and paper out, and start writing! While they call this type of talent a "late bloomer," I like to think more that you have been blooming this entire time, and it's only now that others are going to be able to see your quality.

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