Typing your Novel vs Speaking with Dragon

dragon When people see how many books I've published, commonly they ask me if I actually type these all in with my fingers or if I "speak" them via dragon software. That's a good question!

First, if you've never heard of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it's pretty cool. It's software you install on your computer that learns your voice and accent. You "train" it for an hour or two so it gets the hang of how you pronounce your words. It learns over time. And then you can just sit back and talk to your computer. It records what you say. Sure, it might make a mistake here or there - but you can always edit those later on. In terms of getting that first draft out of your head and into your computer, it can be ideal. Especially if you're not a fast typist.

I do own Dragon and I've played with it occasionally. But in my case, I can type about 3,500 words an hour when I'm writing a story. That's much more quickly than I speak. Also, I've been typing for so many years that the words just flow out of my fingers. It's an automatic connection between me and my fingers. In comparison, maybe because I work from home, I just don't speak that quickly. So if I were to speak my words to the computer, it would go quite slowly.

I'm curious if this relates to my reading vs listening preference, too. When I want to learn something, I always prefer reading it. I read very quickly and absorb the material. If I have to sit watching a YouTube lecture, where someone slowly drones on and on, it drives me absolutely insane. I get bored to tears. I would always much rather read the material and be done with it.

So those are clearly just my personal preferences. I know many people who adore Dragon for various reasons and use it with great success. So it might be worth giving a try!

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