Draft2Digital Self Publishing

Ebook Creation Step by Step

Draft2Digital is a great website which lets you load in an ebook once and then distribute it automatically to a variety of online ebook libraries:

* iTunes / Apple
* Barnes & Noble / Nook
* Inktera
* Playster
* Scribd
* Tolino

To begin with, go to http://www.draft2digital.com

Create an account if you need to. You'll now be brought to a dashboard which, if you have books, shows them.

Draft2Digital Self Publishing

To start a new book, simply click the big red "Add New Book" button.

The fields are pretty much exactly the same as you filled out on the Kindle side of things. Author name. Book title. Series, if you have one. Description. You can leave fields like ISBN empty.

Draft2Digital Self Publishing

Load up the EPUB file - always load an EPUB file. Never trust any third party to convert a DOC or PDF properly for you. Go through the screens to load in the cover JPG, set a price, and choose your channels. You should always load to Kindle directly so deselect Kindle here - load to all the other ones available.

Once you start it publishing, off it will go!

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