Choosing a Book Title

It is critically important that you choose the best possible title for your book. It is amazing how much people judge a book by its title (never mind its cover)!

I realize you probably have had a working title all this time. Movies always have working titles while they are being worked on - but often they get a new title at the last minute. This is normal and while it can be a difficult emotional move for you, it can be critical to the book's ability to sell.

First, you want to make sure your title catches the eye and is immediately meaningful. If you have a title that is confusing, people won't bother to try to understand. Look at movies - many people feel the "Shawshank Redemption" would have had huge sales if it had been titled better. People often won't try to understand something confusing. You want the book to be as pick-upable as humanly possible.

Title the book something meaningful. Magazines can afford to have cutesy titles for their articles. Books cannot. Books need to be immediately obvious.

In fact, in my own cover shown, I found that people who looked at it first assumed it was a travel book. They saw the big IRELAND and their immediate connection was that only travel books are written about Ireland. Next they saw the "Weddings" label and thought it was about weddings IN Ireland. I'm going to need to print out stickers - maybe shiny foil - to put on the book to make it more clear that this contains romantic tips about Irish style romance. A more clear title would have cleared that all up.

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