Now Known as CreateSpace

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am keeping this page here for historical reasons, but BookSurge has now become CreateSpace. So there is no longer a separate BookSurge site or option.

BookSurge is a separate website, but it is a part of the Amazon corporation. This company has a variety of options - you can simply send them a finished PDF file and ask them to print it up, or you can send them the raw text and work with them to figure out layout and other options. Of course, the simpler it is, the less it costs.

For a black and white PDF file, they charge $99. Note that this INCLUDES the ISBN number, so you're saving $25 or so there. The book you create can be of a range of sizes -

- Trim size no smaller than 4" width x 6" height - Trim size no larger than 8.25" width x 10.5 height

It's a paperback for this price.

The books go into several distribution channels, so bookstores can order the books if they want to. The trick is of course to then market the book so bookstores DO want to order a copy; that is a separate discussion :)

Authors get 25% of the list price as their share. So if you sell a book for $12, you as the author get $3. You might think that's low, but with many traditional publishers you get only $1 or less per paperback sold. That's because that publisher handles all the marketing and other work for you, and of course charges for that.

What they do NOT say is what the list price minimum is for a book. What if you try to sell them for 99 cents each? I imagine they can't publish it for that low amount. I'm contacting them for more information. If you compare this with, Lulu also charges $100 up front - but only takes 20% of your list price as their share. So you get 80% of the list price. That's substantially higher.

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