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From Letta Meinen - The Cinnamon Stick - Tales of the Spice Trade
For a third self publishing test check out I have used them for three books and am working on the fourth. It is a husband and wife operation and they are very helpful to first time book writers and are reasonable with good returns. They give a reduced price if you have published with them before. They also handle all the details of getting your book out plus selling on their web site.

Since I have published there before my initial fee is only $99.00. Since I will be using my own cover this time, they also include the barcode,ISBN, Copyright, services of Ingram, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They also include a free ebook of your book. I have been with them for 6 years and have a good relationship with them as they are so personal and helpful when you need it. I can purchase my book wholesale and sell them myself or give them as gifts.

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