Literary Confetti

Decoration and Scrapbooking

One fun use for old books is to create literary confetti. This is delightful for weddings, bridal showers, graduation parties, book clubs, and all sorts of other events with a book-related theme. You can also use these items for scrapbooking projects.

What you'll want to get are cutting stamps in the shapes you want. Squares, circles, hearts, they are all out there. You can of course cut things out by hand, too - that'll just take longer and require a finer attention to detail.

literary confetti book scrapbooking

Rip out a page of your obsolete book and put it into the paper stamp.

literary confetti book scrapbooking

Voila! You've got a shape! You can get a pile of hearts or stars for the next book club meeting. Some big rippled squares to use in scrapbooking. There's all sorts of uses for these!

You can use the left-behind frames as well. Cut some squares out of a page and then use that page as a picture frame of sorts.

Book Crafts - Uses for Old Books

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