Amazon Pricing Information

One of the first things you'll note when examining pricing on Amazon is that it can seem fairly bizarre. Take a look at this screenshot below for my Weddings & Courtships Italy book. This is a book that I have published by a "traditional publishing house" - they did the editing and production for me. I get royalty checks from them when books sell. So the publishing house supplies Amazon with boxes of books, and Amazon then lists them and sells them.

In this example, it so happens that the book has sold out at the moment. So Amazon is waiting on the publishing house to send them more books to restock their inventory with. That makes the book seem "out of print" to the system. Other bookstores who happen to have a new copy of the book on hand then see that and coded macros begin to trigger. They start escalating the price figuring they can get more money for an out of stock book. Other vendors then see the prices going up and - again usually with automatic programs - they start raising their own price as well to take advantage of the profit to be made.

The result is that my book - which I personally sell for $10.35 on that page with a personalized message - is going for a whopping $546.24 from a vendor in California! He's getting fifty times its base price! Talk about a profit :)

Amazon Pricing Information

There's no way to prevent this from happening, and really, it makes for a fun story when it does happen. So the best you can do is price your book at what YOU feel is a reasonable price, and go from there.

You also have to keep an eye on the used market, of course. If a whole group of people are reselling your "just like new" book for ten cents, it's going to lure people away from paying full price for your book if you charge $20 for a new copy. So watch those figures as well.

If you thought the Italy one was outrageous, several vendors are charging **$3,999** for a used copy of my Weddings & Courtships Ireland book :) The green line just shows where I removed the intermediate books on the listing at middle prices (a "mere" $156).

Amazon Pricing Information

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