Planning an Amazon Launch

Books always get launching parties. It's part of the fun of a book! With the virtual world come virtual launching parties. In these launching parties, you offer people a huge deal. If they buy your book on that one day, they get all sorts of coupons from all sorts of companies. 10% off here, 20% off there, etc. There are many benefits to this.

First, you get a lot of sales. You could argue that those people would have bought your book anyway if they were interested in it, but sometimes people get caught up in the fun of a special launch and buy it then. If they think they'll buy it "later" - of course some just won't.

Next, you might actually get a noticeable "blip" in the Amazon ranking system if you convince a bunch of people to buy on a certain day. That can then be used in your sales literature. It is of course VERY hard to get a book to show up high on Amazon, with their top sellers, but it might actually happen. You never know!

By partnering with sales companies in your chosen field, you can both promote them and they can help promote you. Say that you're selling a Weddings book. You can find wedding item companies that you really believe in. They can send out announcements of your launch party to their lists, and agree that people who buy the book on that day get a discount from their company. So if you have a wedding soap company with 20,000 mailing list members, a wedding perfume company with 40,000 mailing list members, and all these various companies send your promotion out to all their lists, you suddenly get hundreds of thousands of promotional mailings, for free, to a targetted audience.

The key is to find companies you really believe in, and that sell products your audience would be interested in. Conversely, people who buy from those companies would probably want to buy your book, too!

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