Amazon Author Central

Building a Fan Base within Amazon

It is absolutely critical that you get your books listed on Amazon - and it is absolutely critical that you then customize your author profile and information to help promote you once you're on Amazon. Here's how.

Once you have gotten one or more books into the Amazon system - I detail how to do that elsewhere in my pages - you now want to make sure your author profile is complete as possible. You do that in the Autor Central area of Amazon.

The logon to this area is here -

Author Central at Amazon

Log on with your Amazon account. Once in here you can customize your biography, your photo, get a easy-to-use shortcut URL to your author page, and even hook up to your Twitter account and blog page.

Here's a screenshot of what this admin page looked like for me in 2015.

Amazon Author Central

You can also select which books you "claim" as your own in here, both on the Kindle and on the paperback side. Note that Amazon does not do this automatically, for obvious reasons! There are many authors using the same names. So you have to specifically claim the ones you have written. Make sure you do this after each new release.

Be sure to customize your author page - this is an important part of building your marketing strategy! Tie it in to any blogs or feeds you have so it updates regularly. You want your readers to get drawn in to what you are doing.

Here is how the author information looks to the end user -

Amazon Author Central

Here's the live version of my Amazon Author Central page, so you can see how this works.

Lisa Shea's Amazon Author Central Page

Once you have that author central page set up, you may have the opportunity to converse with your followers!

Amazon Follower Contact

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