QR Codes and Book Marketing

As you build your fan base for your writing project, be sure to include a QR, or Quick Response, code in your material. Most smartphones and tablets have software which lets the user take a photo of that square and instantly go to the URL it points to. Itís far easier than the user having to hand type in a URL letter by letter where one mis-typed letter means the link fails. Most readers dislike typing in long URLs because itís frustrating and prone to errors.

Hereís an example of a two-sided business card with a QR code on the back.

QR Codes and Book Marketing

I highly recommend having a QR code on everything you show to users and hand out. Flyers, business cards, brochures, posters, you name it. Include a code. For the reader, clicking a camera button on a QR code is just SO much easier than trying to type out a long URL with lots of letters in it. Sure, include the URL too for those who canít use the QR code. But have the QR code there for everybody who can use it.

You can generate QR code graphics for free here Ė http://www.qrstuff.com/ - Simply type in the URL you want it to go to and POOF you have a code generated. This should point to the authorís Facebook fan page. This page then promotes all books that author has written, in all formats, and will have news about signings, upcoming projects, giveaways, and more. Thatís the best place to send someone who is interested in that author.

So, to summarize, a QR code is a great thing to have on everything you hand out and display. It provides the reader with one-step access to your content. I recommend driving them to your Facebook fan page and have that Facebook page then provide links to anything they could possibly want Ė your book in all its formats, event information, promotion information, upcoming news, and so on.

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