Women's Issues and Women's History

It is fascinating how the role of women in society has waxed and waned over the centuries - and even how our perception of women in previous time periods changes based on our own situation. For example, in the 1950s when women in the US were encouraged to stay home and care for children, novels about the medieval period emphasized how medieval women were quiet, calm, and did their duty while their menfolk worked and fought and took care of everything. In the 2000 time period, where women have a much more expansive view about their options in life, suddenly novels about medieval women accept that women during this time period could be trained herbalists, savvy businesswomen, and some even became soldiers.

Here are books and movies which specifically address the issues women have faced in various periods of time and in a collection of cultures. Please let me know if there's a book or movie I should add to this list!

TV Reviews
Broken Trail - Western Women

Book Reviews
Being Fruitful Without Multiplying by Patricia Yvette
Price of Honor by Jan Goodwin
Revolutionary Heart by Diane Eickhoff

Percentage of Abusive Men
When Is Rape Okay?

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