Being Fruitful Without Multiplying

Women have made enormous progress in the past hundred years. It's accepted now that women can, of course vote. Of course they can do well in higher education. Of course they can hold a job! But there's an area where women still shoulder an enormous stereotype that starts from the moment they are born. They are, by and large, expected to produce children.

Being Fruitful Without Multiplying This isn't a new challenge, of course. Back in Roman and medieval days, a woman could be divorced and abandoned if she didn't produce children for her husband. That was her main task in life. You'd think we'd be beyond that in our modern age. However, there are still large segments of the population who feel this is the main task for any woman to achieve. Young girls are told, when they act up, that "someday you'll have children of your own." It's not an IF. It's simply a WHEN. The moment couples marry they're often hounded by the "next" question - "so, when will you have kids?" Again, a WHEN and not an IF. It's assumed this is the way things are.

Being Fruitful Without Multiplying is a wonderful counterpoint to this pervasive stance. Women from around the world and all stages of life chime in with their reasons and thoughts on not bearing children. There are young woman who are feeling the pressure from family and friends. Older women who are at peace with how they've lived their life. There are travelers and scientists, writers and artists. Women whose partners wholeheartedly agreed and women who faced resistance.

I love the diversity presented here, and I love the authenticity. These women know they don't have all the answers for others out there - but they know what was right for THEM. They spent time considering their options, pondering their strengths, and making a decision that was best for their life path. They benefit the world and their communities in so many ways. Having a child of their own just wasn't a part of that process.

I laud this book and think it's one every person should read - whether you have a child of your own or not. If you don't have a child, it will give you insight into others who are in the same situation and the challenges and blessings they have as a result. If you did bear a child, it will help you understand those around you who have made a different choice.

The more we can understand each other, and the more we can understand the myriad of options available in our world, the better we can bring compassion and support into each other's lives.

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