The Power of Prana

The Power of Prana by Master Stephen Co and Eric B. Robins, MD is all about the importance of breath. It might be that fifty years ago the idea that breath could matter (more than in a "keep breathing" sort of way) might have been laughed at. However, I think all doctors from all backgrounds would agree in modern times that having deep, healthy breathing is vitally important for our health. So many people in our current fast-paced world quick-breathe, shallow breathe, and stress breathe. Our bodies suffer as a result. The Power of Prana is about taking just ten minutes a day to reset yourself to truly HEALTHY breathing, and to reap the benefits.

It's fair to say that much of this book involves talk of chakras, auras, and related topics. But even if you're normally not a chakra person, I highly recommend you hang in there. It wasn't that long ago that people dismissed acupuncture as silly - and now research proves that the nerve pathways are connected. There is much we still don't know about this world we inhabit. What we DO know is that breath is key. This book helps you breathe better, and every one of us can use that.

The authors point out that stress causes very real physical issues. It can cause back pain for example. But a medical test would not find a "source" for the back pain. It's all in the mind, sending out its signals. The more we can create a relaxed, healthy body, the better it will work. You can survive up to ten days without food, but only a few minutes without air.

One study shows that "belly breathing" - the healthy form of breathing - can reduce hot flashes in menopausal women by 50%! With no cost, no medicine, and no unhealthy side effects!

I wish the actual section on the nine breaths was laid out better. This is the core of the book and what I'd want to refer to frequently. But the titles of each breath are barely in bold, and certainly don't stand out well from the surrounding text. I'd much prefer that each started on the top of its own page so I could bookmark it, that it had larger letters for the title, and that there was a brief description at the top to remind me which one this was about. The book is generally laid out "novel form" but this is one area where it could definitely have used more of a "breathing for dummies" type of treatment.

I ended up having to make my own "cheat sheet" to know what to do. But it's fairly silly for me to be writing out my own cheat sheet when the book is right there. They could have provided that for me :).

Still, I do feel better after the ten minutes. One could say "well it's basic meditation" or "basic yoga breathing" or whatever. None of that matters. What matters is that it's important to have SOMETHING in your schedule to get your mind centered and your oxygen flowing. It's absolutely good for you. These exercises are healthy and helpful. Just about anybody can do them. Just about everybody will be helped by them. So in the end with all the idiotic things we DO waste ten minutes on, I highly recommend dedicating ten minutes of your day to this start. It will help every other minute be even more full of life and energy.

Highly recommended.

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