Kripalu Yoga Retreat Travelogue

I work - excepting my sleeping hours - pretty much 24 hours a day every day. I wake up, I go down to my desk, and I start to work. My boyfriend brings me in food and drink, and when I'm exhausted I go back up to bed. I have so many tasks I try to manage at the same time that I have an enormous backlog and on many days it just grows larger and larger.

Even the few times I go away for a few days, I bring my laptop with me to stay on top of issues. I've rebuilt a mail server from my hotel room in Ukraine and fixed issues from a cruise ship cabin. I am always connected and always being bombarded with things to take care of.

Finally in June 2011 I found I needed a complete break. I needed to get away for a weekend, no laptop, no outside issues, just a complete "reboot" and shut down to regain my inner peace and serenity.

There's the instruction always given on airline flights. Should cabin pressure drop, you absolutely must put on your own air mask before you help others. Otherwise you could collapse and then nobody would be helped. Caring for yourself first can be a hard thing to do! Many of us are trained from childhood to always help others. And yes, absolutely, you want to help others out. But the best way to do that is to make sure you are in a strong and centered place so that your helping of others is as wonderful as possible. Instead of giving people 10% because you are so exhausted, you can give them 100%. You might not even realize you were only giving 10% before, until you recharge yourself.

Another part of the impetus here was that my stepmother, Bunnie, had just read Eat, Pray, Love. When we talked about it, she relished the idea of going away to a meditation retreat as the author did in India. Both Bunny and I receive the Kripalu (pronounced Krih-PAH-loo) catalog about their fantastic weekends and retreats in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. This location had once been a Jesuit retreat, and now was a spiritual retreat.


So after her discussion, and with my immense need to have a period of quiet, I went through their website. They had an "Intro to Yoga and Meditation" weekend scheduled for June. Perfect! I signed us up for the weekend, with a shared, lake-view room. We were set!

Here is a day by day diary of how the weekend progressed!

Friday - Arriving at Kripalu
Saturday - Meditation and Yoga
Sunday - Walking to the Lake

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