EVoke Tea Candles

I enjoy candles immensely. I made candles for many years and have tried candles of a variety of types - soy, beeswax, tallow, and more. I was definitely interested to try the e-voke scented tea candles. I decided to try out the Summer Rain fragrance.

EVoke Tea Candles I'm curious that another reviewer said that these were "long lasting" at 3-5 hours, and that they got one to go for 5 hours. First, longer than what? I've had tea candles that last 6 to 7 hours. To me something that stopped after 3 hours would be fairly short lasting. I did a number of tests with these candles (you get a box of them). The longest they seemed to last was about 3 3/4 hours. This was one that put itself out after an hour and a half - and I had to relight it. Because it was running at such a low flame, the wax barely melted. But most of the time, if the candle's going with a good flame, it barely lasts three hours.

The photo of the two candles was taken by me. It shows the discrepancy between the flame height. Depending on how the wick falls, the flame can burn high or low. The wick seems a bit thin compared with other candles I've used, which is probably why it can flop over and put itself out.

The scent was fairly light for two candles, which is how I tend to burn them. I imagine if you put out four or more that you'd start to build up a good scent - but you'd also go through your candles fairly quickly. I suppose it's all up to how much time you expect to get out of your candles.

The container is plastic, not glass, so on the up side you can recycle it once you've burned the wax out of it (and discarded the little metal disc that holds the wick). On the down side, if you're used to reusing the cute little tea light glass containers you usually get with candles, that won't work here :).

It all depends on what you're looking for. If three hours of burn time is good for you, and you want a very light fragrance, these will do well. You might need to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't self-extinguish. If you're looking for a longer burn time, or a more even burn rate, you might want to look at the competitors.

I was sent a sample set of these candles to review, from the manufacturers.

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