LED Pillar Candles

I adore candles. I find the flickering light extremely soothing. I aim to meditate daily, and meditating by candlelight relaxes me. I also love to have candles lit when I'm writing in my journal or working on my various writing projects.

LED Pillar Candles My boyfriend, on the other hand, finds flame-based candles to be an immense fire hazard. He once had a cat nearly catch fire, so having candles around makes him upset. I don't want to upset him unnecessarily.

So I decided to give these LED pillar candles a try. Many LED candles are unnaturally slim, so they don't work well in standard pillar candle holders or stands. These, however, are the full three inches in diameter. They fit perfectly in the candle holders I had. They each take three AAA batteries. The battery compartment screws and unscrews with a tiny screw.

I didn't specifically buy them because they had a remote control - it just so happened that they came with it. But it turns out I'm quite pleased with that. Yes, you can manually turn the candles on and off via a switch in their base. However, if I'm curled up in bed after writing in my journal for a while, it is SO nice to just reach for the remote and turn them all off. Or if I have to get up at night, I can pop the candles on from bed, and have just their soft light to leave the room by.

I have found, amusingly, that the candle remote also operates my TV volume. So be aware that sometimes remotes use similar channels to each other.

The candles seem to last about two months on a set of batteries, with occasional use. So some might consider that a long time, while others might think that fairly short.

I find the candle light to be quite realistic looking, compared with many other candles I own. Again, it probably comes down to what you're used to. Some might think it's too "orangey" - others will find it looks exactly like the candles they tend to use.

The candles are actual wax, and have a slight vanilla fragrance. I don't smell the aroma at all any more, after owning them for four months. So I believe it does dissipate after a little while.

If there's a down side here, it's that the candle flicker has a ten second "cycle" and then it "flares" as it starts again. That flare is noticeable. If I put all three side by side, their flares are often not quite at the same time so it's almost like watching a chorus line where they light up in sequence. If I'm trying to meditate by looking at the candle, it can get quite distracting to have it flare regularly like that. So I prefer to have them as background ambiance and not directly in my focus area.

Still, in general I highly recommend these for people who enjoy the candle feel but who want to avoid the dangers of an open flame.

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