Aquarium For Your Home

I used to have many aquariums in my home - both saltwater and freshwater. I loved sitting and watching the fish swim around. It was incredibly restful. Even now, when I go into stores or restaurants with aquariums, I find myself drawn to them. So I was eager to give Aquarium For Your Home a try.

Aquarium For Your Home The DVD has three tracks. Each one loops on itself to create a seamless view of that world. The first track is a saltwater aquarium with tropical fish. The second is a freshwater goldfish tank. The third is a rippling mountain stream.

The first one - of the tropical aquarium - is my least favorite of the trio. It looks like they have the current set to "tsunami mode" - wildly blowing the plants all around. I definitely wouldn't have the current in any of my tanks set this high. I feel sorry for the fish at times, working against it. Also, the scene randomly changes just when you're watching something - and it will zoom in or zoom out. So I don't find this video to be restful. I suppose if it was somewhere that people were coming and going, like a waiting room, people might not mind. But as the DVD says it's for personal use only, I'm not sure that could work. Even the filter sound is odd, as if it was dubbed in afterward. Finally, the colors chosen for the tank are garishly bright. I adore tropical tanks, too, so I would have thought this would be my favorite.

I'm sure some will really like the tropical tank and not mind the random changes and the fast current. For me, with all the other superb options out there for tropical fishtank DVDs, this one just doesn't measure up.

The DVD shines in the goldfish tank, though. Here we have a much more natural background combination. I love the rock arch to the right. There are about five goldfish - one white with orange tops, a few traditional fancy tails, and then a darker one. They are slow and gentle in their movements - far more natural than the frenetic tropical fish. They go up to feed sometimes, sometimes they snuffle around in the rocks, and sometimes they're just content to swim. I enjoyed this track immensely, and can meditate to it with no issues. There are no "cuts" at all in this track. The only down side, again, is the filter audio track. I don't think any of my filters ever sounded like this. Still, you can turn it down or use your own music if you wish.

The mountain stream is quite relaxing - and again there are no cuts or changes. In a way it is the best of the three. It's peaceful, serene, and the noise feels quite natural here. Occasionally you get a bird flitting overhead. It is ideal for meditation or background imagery. If there's any complaints with this track, it's that the video is overexposed. The background and some of the water areas are blindingly bright. That should easily have been remedied with some exposure settings in the camera, or even in the video processing software used afterward.

So, to summarize. Certainly I agree with the concept of having a virtual aquarium or stream. There are many, many options for this both on Amazon as well as for free on YouTube. Many of those are in full high definition. So it's not a question of whether having this option is a good thing - it's a question of whether this particular option is superior to the many other choices out there.

If it was just the tropical aquarium, I'd say no. I've seen many other tropical aquarium videos which are much more relaxing. It's a combination of many factors - the current speed, the lighting, and the noise.

However, I give the DVD high marks for the goldfish tank and the mountain stream tracks. Those are both very well done. Not perfect, certainly, as mentioned. But still quite good, and well worth having in a library.

I would like to see them come out with new versions that do a better job with lighting and sound. With modern equipment those should be easy enough to fix.

I was sent a review copy of this DVD to evaluate.

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