Lesson 1 - Lesson 2

While in previous lessons you learned about the basics of swinging and putting, by Lesson 3 you're ready to start with some variety. While the basic action of the grip and swing and stance are the same for the various clubs you use in golf, there are variations. You stand back further from some clubs, and put the ball closer to the front or back of your stance depending on the situation. This is what Lesson 3 is all about!

Your instructor will continue to help hone your basics, but now you can start to learn how the various clubs feel in your hands. The clubs in essence aren't swung differently from each other. Because of their different angles and lengths, the ball ends up going longer or shorter with each one, and higher or lower. This means that your swing can stay consistant while the ball goes the appropriate distance.

Practice again is key here. Your instructor can help adjust what is still wrong with your basics, but if you haven't hit any balls since the last time he saw you, nothing will be 'set' in your mind yet!

Lisa's Golfing Information

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