Lessons are a great way to learn how to golf. You get feedback on what you're doing, and build good habits right from the beginning. While every instructor has their own way of doing things, here is what you can probably expect from your first lesson.

General Introduction
The instructor should get to know each student, and what sort of a background the student has. The instructor should also explain his or her background, and what sort of experience he/she has.

Grip Basics
The first thing that any golfer does for any shot is to, of course, pick up a golf club! The grip is one of the key parts of a correct golf swing - start with the wrong grip, and everything else is going to be off. It's also one of the hardest things to undo after you get used to it, so this is one of the key reasons you want to start with lessons. If you learn the right grip at the very beginning, it will stay with you for the rest of your golf game.

Stance Basics
The second thing any golfer does for a shot is to stand by the ball. Again, if this stance is wrong, then everything else will not work properly. Your instructor will show you the basic way to stand next to the ball - how far away, at what angle, how far apart your feet should be. If you have a good stance, with a good grip, it gives the swing its best possible chance to work properly.

Many lessons concentrate just on these two items, while others go a bit further into putting or swinging. Really, though, the grip and stance are a lot to concentrate on, and new golfers usually have enough to think about with those two items. If you can get a really good grip, and find a good stance, those are both things to practice on so they become 'normal' before the next lesson.

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