Lesson 1 - Lesson 3

The second lesson in golf usually goes into swing mechanics. By now you hopefully have been practicing your grip and stance for a week, and are comfortable with those.

With your grip and stance set, you normally now stand over a ball with a 9 or 7 iron. Your instructor will help you through the various stages of the swing:

* Bringing the club out and away from your body in a smooth arc
* Twisting your body at the hip as you bring the club up
* Stopping with the club parallel to the ground
* Bringing the club back down towards the ball in the same plane
* Snapping the wrists as you near the bottom of the arc
* Following through after contact with the ball

Every instructor has his own way of explaining the swing, and there are so many components to it that every individual has their own parts they are good at and parts they need help with. A golf swing is very hard to read about and just "do". This is one of the key areas that the golf instructor can personally help you with.

You'll probably miss the ball a number of times. Everybody does. Don't worry about that. Just think about the swing. Think smooth. Think pendulum. Try to twist your body as you start your swing, coiling like a spring. Then uncoil and concentrate just on swinging down - not on "aiming towards the ball". If you coil and then uncoil smoothly, you'll naturally hit the ball because you'll uncoil right back to where you coiled from.

Keep the ball in the center of your field of vision while you do these things, but don't lunge for the ball. Don't grip the club tightly against you in order to control it. Just let the club swing out, swing back, and concentrate on the smoothness of the swing. Your instructor can help you tweak your swing to keep it smooth. Once you've got a smooth swing, the ball-contact part will happen naturally!

The homework for this lesson is of course to do a lot of swinging. By this lesson the grip and stance are fairly comfortable, so the swing is the focus. Don't expect this to come immediately - people study their swing for years and years. Just work on the starting basics, so that your instructor can give you fresh feedback next week.

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