Dream Symbols - Sex and Intimacy

Sex is one of the most powerful bonds that any two people can share. What does it mean if you dream about sex?

First, a common dream type for teenage boys to have is a Wet Dream. These are dreams that boys have about sex, that causes natural discharges. These dreams are a normal part of a boy growing into a man.

Dreaming about sex is equally as normal for any person that has achieved puberty. The human body is designed to be interested in sex as a way to continue our species. As soon as the body is ready for sex, the mind begins to think about it, its importance, its scarier sides.

There are many types of dreams you can have about sex and intimacy. Here are the more common types.

Dreams about Kissing
Have you had a dream where you were kissing someone? How about a dream where you see that others are kissing? What does that mean?

Romantic Dreams
Dreaming about sex often involves a romantic situation, with a tender lover, candles, incense, flowers and more. These are the dreams that many of wish for nightly!

Rape and Forced Sex
One of the scariest types of dreams anybody can have involves rape or forced sex. Both involve a betrayal of the deepest form of intimacy.

Sleazy Sex
Sleazy or erotic dreams are very common, and do not necessarily mean you want to be unfaithful to your partner in life.

Wet Dreams
Wet dreams are dreams normally had by teenagers in which the normal hormonal desires result in dreams about erotic situations - and a bodily discharge.

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