Dream Symbols - Rape and Forced Sex

One of the scariest types of dreams anybody can have involves rape or forced sex. Both involve a betrayal of the deepest form of intimacy.

Sometimes books and movies can glamorize rape and make it seem like a fun thing. But anyone who has been through an actual rape knows how incredibly terrorizing, threatening and demeaning it is. Being raped isn't about having 'fun sex'. It is about being betrayed and used and threatened.

If you are dreaming about being raped or having sex forced on you, it is symbolizing a betrayal of the most powerful kind. Someone in your world is pressuring you, harming you, forcing you to do things you do not want to. Who is it? Why are they doing it? Is there any way you can resist or find another solution?

If you keep having dreams like this, talk to someone about it.

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