Dream Symbols - Kissing

Have you had a dream where you were kissing someone? What does that mean?

It's very common to dream about kissing. It can mean many things, depending on the situation.

Kissing is the start of passion for just about any age group. Whether it's young lovers stealing a kiss at the end of a date, or a married couple kissing tenderly on their 10th anniversary, a kiss is about love and passion and tenderness.

If you're kissing someone else, it could be a sign that you are interested in that person in particular, or just that you're interested in "love" and in your mind that person symbolizes love. So on one hand it might be that that special person is one you're interested in. But it could just be that you are longing for love, and to you that person represents what love could be. So think a lot about how you feel about that person, to see if it is *him* (or her) or just the "love idea" that appealed to you.

You can also dream about other people kissing, while you watch. This is usually a sign of jealousy. You want that love in your own life, but instead you have to sit by and watch while others have love and you do not. Especially if a particular person is involved that you are jealous of, it could be that that person is making you upset and envious. If the people involved are strangers or are people you don't really feel strongly about, it could just be a symbol that you want love in your life, and aren't getting it.

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