Baking With Children - Safety and Fun

Baking with children is a great way to spend time together, to produce delicious results, and to practice many valuable skills. Make sure you do it safely!

First, always start with simple recipes. Your youngster is probably going to make mistakes and might even ruin a batch or two. Don't sweat it. The important part of this exercise is to get the child unafraid of being in the kitchen and working with unusual items. If something glitches, just laugh it off and go on to another project if it can't be fixed.

Safey is key in any kitchen. There are sharp knives, hot stoves and other dangers. Make sure you talk about the safety issues first. Whenever you approach a step that could involve danger, talk about the danger first and then carefully do that step. Do not let the child use knives or work with hot liquids or ovens until they are mature enough to. Even a small slip can lead to permanent damage.

Let the child help where he or she wants to, but provide assistance if they get stuck. Sometimes showing them how to do something is more understandable than trying to explain how to do it. The child could watch you perform the task a few times before taking it on alone.

Choose recipes that the child will enjoy eating. It's always very rewarding to be able to sample the fruits of your own labor!

Most of all, have fun. The most important lesson for the child is that a kitchen is a fun place in which to create delicious meals. Even if the child isn't very successful the first few times, the fact that the kitchen is associated with "happy times" will ensure they come back for more!

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