Looking to add an infant to your family? Here are some great conception tips for having a healthy, successful pregnancy.

Make Love in the Morning
Research shows that a man's sperm count is higher in the morning, and most women notice that men are naturally 'in the mood' at this time anyway. Take advantage of it!
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Keep it Cool
Men have a higher sperm count when their genitals are kept at a cooler temperature. So have him stay away from hot tubs and hot showers, and reap the befits.
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Cut Out Caffeine
You might feel addicted to that cup of coffee in the morning, but caffeine can cause huge impacts on getting pregnant and maintaining the pregnancy. Find natural energizers and keep caffeine out of your diet.
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Go For a Walk
Women who exercise regularly are almost 40% more likely to carry a healthy child to term. Their toned bodies are up to the challenge of pregnancy!
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Snuff the Cigarette
You probably know by now just how much damage smoking causes to developing fetusses and to young infants. Smoking can be just as bad for the chances of a couple to conceive a child in the first place.
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Call In the Ladybugs
Pesticides can seriously damage a woman's chance of getting pregnant and of maintaining that pregnancy. Switch to organic means of farming, and avoid locations where pesticides are in use.
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Know your Cycle
Simply put, there are times that your egg is in the right spot, and there are times that it isn't. Figure out your own, personal cycle and know when the best chance of getting pregnant is.
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Drink Like a Fish
Water, that is. An adult should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day as part of normal health. It's even more important for a woman who wants to get pregnant to maintain this healthy habit.
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Have some Wine
While abusing alcohol can be a serious problem for a growing fetus, research has shown that drinking a glass of wine each night can actually help you get pregnant!
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Enjoy Life!
There are so many people who stress about becoming pregnant - and once they release that stress, their body reacts to the new peace by creating a new life. Let your body know that this is a wonderful, peaceful world that is ready for a new child, and release that stress.

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