Roomba Pet Robot - 2006

2006 was the year of the Specialty Roombas. The folks at iRobot added in 2 new models simply by adding new brush options to 2 existing robots. These became the "pet versions". What they did was take the Roomba Sage and the Roomba Discovery - two of the "middle of the line" Roombas - and put in a new type of brush. This type of brush apparently doesn't choke on pet hair as easily. They also give you a new type of brush cleaner. Each robot's price was kicked up by $20 to account for this upgrade.

I do in fact have 2 cats and 4 parakeets and would have LOVED the pet Roomba. However, they don't have the pet Roomba in the Scheduler version! We love having the Roombas go off on schedule, while we are asleep, so that the house is clean when we wake up.

As of October 2006, they say that the brushes WILL fit into the Scheduler (or other existing iRobots) so that you can just buy the brushes with an "upgrade kit" to handle those brushes. They say the brushes and kits aren't online yet but will be up in a month or so.

Released: September 2006
Price: $219 for sage, $299 for discovery
Charge Time: 3 hours

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