Cuisine and Culture Favorites

Here's a look into the food and entertainment which bring me the most joy in life. It's hard to narrow down the list, since I enjoy most types of food, and I'm content in most entertaining locations!

Delicious Foods

I love all sorts of food. I can find an item on just about any restaurant menu that I'm thrilled with. When we go out to dinner, we gravitate towards Indian, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, steak houses, and any place with a good salad bar. To see our reviews, read my List of Restaurants in Worcester Massachusetts. As I adore sushi, I've done specific Japanese Restaurant Reviews everywhere we go.

I admit that Bob does most of the cooking for us. He's an awesome cook. Here are some of our recipes!

Wine and Drinks

When I began drinking wine, as with many people in the US, I began by enjoying sweet wines such as white zinfandel and sweet wine. Over the years my tastes have expanded to now when I enjoy wide varieties of wine, from viognier to malbec, from chenin blanc to chateauneuf du pape. I now have an entire website dedicated to wine information at For my non wine drinking times, I also have sets of pages on Coffee and Tea and on Cocktail Recipes.

Movies and Theater

I greatly enjoy drama and science fiction as my main movie areas. We own about 200 DVDs and most of them are historical drama and sci-fi. If there's a genre I avoid, I shy away from horror. My favorite movies are Hamlet (Gibson), Robin Hood (Fox), Henry V (Branagh), Much Ado About Nothing (Branagh), Kagemusha (Japanese), Ran (also Japanese), Highlander, Gladiator, Conan the Barbarian (excellent soundtrack), and Excalibur. I was quite sad when Mifune and Kurosawa died. We once drove around New York City finding spots Highlander was shot in! Great fun. My favorite theater experience was "A Midsummer's Night Dream" played in Orlando, Florida. It was outside under the stars, and set in India!! It was amazingly funny.


Our favorite author is Robert B. Parker, who wrote the Spenser for Hire series. We were sad when Parker passed away. I also enjoyed the translation of the Odyssey by Fagles; it is fantastic to listen to in audio as we drive. I think it was meant to be "heard" rather than "read".


I like to drive just about any sports car that can exceed 120mph, but until recently I owned a 2001 Silver Mustang, which was my fourth consecutive Mustang. I haven't owned any 'classics', just the recent 'tank' shaped ones. I skip the years where they get too 'sleek' looking. I've owned a black '88, a grey '89, a white-with-blue-racing-stripes (which I added) '92, and this silver 2001. I did have to get a Forester because my son and his friends literally no longer fit into the back seat of the Mustang. Very sad.

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