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We fell in love with the Spenser novels quite a few years ago. You might remember the story from the TV series in the 70s with Robert Urich. A white ex-fighter Boston Private Investigator works with his black ex-fighter friend to solve crime and to uphold honor. The writing style is amazing! We enjoyed the series and went through the entire series in order, from start to finish. What really made a difference was when they came out on audio book and we could listen to the stories on our many long road trips.

We gladly accept comments and suggestions! We'd love to hear your take on a given story, feel free to contact me to share your point of view. NOTE!!! Since we go into where and what Spenser does, you might get PLOT SPOILERS by reading this page. Skip any books you haven't read yet!!

NOTE: As far as my research shows, there are currently NO plans to release DVDs (or even videos) of the Spenser TV series. Yes, other TV shows from that era are coming out on DVD but for whatever reason (legal etc) the owners of the Spenser series are not talking about doing this. The best you can do is buy old VHS recordings on eBay. There is a company on the web claiming to sell the series. I bought a set and they are BAD home-made DVD versions of VHS recordings - complete with pieces of commercials and warbly audio.


In the first Spenser story, set in November 1973, Spenser is 37, 6'1", 195 pounds. The following book - "September after Labor Day" he's still 37. So his birthday is Sept-Nov 1936. This makes him 70 in 2006. He's a well built man whose muscles women love to feel. He's witty and charming and people are often surprised that he is smart and literate despite his thug-like appeareance. In Book 1 he meets Brenda Loring, but in Book 2 he meets Susan Silverman who becomes his long term girlfriend.


  • That's Spenser with an "S"
  • That's Spenser like the poet
  • Cooking: Anything complex involving multiple steps and cooking with wine, beer or alcohol
  • Early Spenser Drinks: Bourbon, bourbon, more bourbon, draft beer, Rhine Wine
  • Mature Spenser Drinks: Chardonnay, Merlot, designer beer
The Spenser for Hire Books
The Godwulf Manuscript, 73
God Save the Child, 74
Mortal Stakes, 75
Promised Land, 76
The Judas Goat, 78
Looking for Rachel Wallace, 80
Early Autumn, 81
A Savage Place, 81
Ceremony, 82
The Widening Gyre, 83
Valediction, 84
A Catskill Eagle, 85
Taming a Sea Horse, 86
Pale Kings and Princes, 87
Crimson Joy, 88
Playmates, 89
Stardust, 90
Pasttimes, 91
Double Deuce, 92
Paper Doll, 93
Walking Shadow, 94
Thin Air, 95
Chance, 96
Small Vices, 97
Sudden Mischief, 98
Hush Money, 99
Hugger Mugger, 00
Potshot, 01
Widows Walk, 02
Back Story, 03
Cold Service, 04
School Days, 05
Hundred-Dollar Baby, 06
Now and Then, 07

The Jesse Stone Series
About Paradise, Mass
Night Passage, 00
Trouble in Paradise, 02
Death in Paradise, 03
Stone Cold, 04
Sea Change, 06
High Profile, 07
Night and Day, 09

The Sunny Randall Series
Family Honor, 99
Perish Twice, 00
Shrink Wrap, 02
Melancholy Baby, 04
Blue Screen, 05
Spare Change, 07

TV Series
Season List 85-88
Susan Silverman

Movies - Spenser
Ceremony, 93
Pale King and Princes, 93
The Judas Goat, 94
A Savage Place, 95
Small Vices, 99
Thin Air, 00
Walking Shadow, 01

Movies - Jesse Stone
Jesse Stone - Movie Locations
Stone Cold, 05
Night Passage, 06
Death in Paradise, 06
Sea Change, 07
Thin Ice, 09
No Remorse, 10
Lost In Paradise, 15

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