Roar - Irish Medieval TV Series
Episode 4 - Howl like a Banshee

Here we go - another alliance. Conor always has such faith in his alliances. Unfortunately, this one is disturbed by the haunting call of a banshee. Conor and his group come across the red-headed girl and save her from death, taking her in with them. Apparently some feel Banshees are evil and cause death. It turns out what really happens is the Banshee girl can see when death is coming - and is rightfully sad about it.

She sees Conor is about ot be shot, and saves him - pulling the arrow out of his chest. I'm sorry, but in the real world when you pull an arrow out of a wound, it can often make things even worse! She apparently doesn't care though. Soon, though, a pregnant woman in their "village" has a stillborn child, and when the banshee wails about it, they blame the banshee for causing the death. Connor and his pals try to take the banshee home where she might be safer.

To get to the banshee home, they have to past through mysterious mists which reveal your worst fears. Conor sees his Juliet blaming him for her death. Fergus sees the family he was supposed to protect, and so on. Finally they get to the village. It turns out the Banshee village doesn't want the girl!! She betrayed her banshee ethic by preventing a death she had seen. Her mom gives her a hug, and tells her to go to a local river to wash away her sins.

Off goes the trusting girl. It turns out that the girl is slain at the river - the mom knew it was going to happen and made sure to send the girl in to meet her fate. Because, after all, fate is there to be not escaped.

Lisa's comments:

I have problems with determinism in general so this episode bugged me :) They are cursed with this "forward seeing" ability because long ago one woman was too busy brushing her long, beautiful hair and her child drowned because the mom wasn't watching her 24x7. Sad - but worthy of cursing all women for all generation in this village? Had no other parent anywhere else in Medieval England or Ireland had an accidental child death in their household?

Then, because she has this curse and then does something rather than sit passively by, this is a bad thing? So the solution is for her mom to send her right to her death because that is the right thing to do? Isn't that now actively acting on the foreknowledge? So it's OK to actively act if you hurry death along - but it's not OK to actively act in any other manner. If the mom was arguing to be "passive with the knowledge" shouldn't she have been equally passive about her daughter's upcoming death, rather than hurrying it along? Wasn't the mom interfering in her own manner as well?

Unfortunately for the poor Centurion - who goes to the village - nobody has seen or heard anything about HIS death. So he's still stuck being alive and handsome. Poor guy ...

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