Roar - Irish Medieval TV Series

Roar is set in 400AD in medieval Ireland. The Romans are just coming into town. The local Celts are scattered bands of villagers each under their own king. The local kings are warring against each other, and the Romans are coming in to take over the entire island.

Heath Ledger is Conor. In the first episode, there is a Romeo-and-Juliet situation between him and another king's daughter. Unfortunately, the other king slays Conor's entire family - and then accidentially kills his own daughter too. Conor reluctantly takes on the mantle of leader for a group of dispossessed people, and it soon turns into more of a Robin Hood situation. He is on the run with his band of merry men (and women). He fights off the Romans while trying to unite the local kings together.

This was filmed in 1997, and there were only 13 episodes.

Episode 1 - Setting the Stage
Episode 2 - Gunpowder is Bad
Episode 3 - Revenge of the Druids
Episode 4 - Howl like a Banshee

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