Movies are an incredible cultural force. In the past, only the elite could read, and books were incredibly expensive. Nowadays, the average person can easily get in to see at least one movie a year - and experience sights, sounds and eye-opening experiences from any region of the world, time in history, and cultural point of view. Sometimes I think we don't appreciate just how powerful this is.

Here are my notes on some of the movies that I enjoyed investigation. I ghost wrote much of this for the Action Movies site at so if you find this content there, I put it there :)

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Movie and TV Reviews
A Sound of Thunder
The Matrix Movies
The Terminator Movies
Pirates of the Caribbean
War of the Worlds
Battlestar Galactica Reviews
Star Wars Models and Figures

Comedy Movie Reviews
Galaxy Quest
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Running With Scizzors

Action / Adventure Movie Reviews
The Fast And The Furious
2 Fast 2 Furious
Kill Bill - Uma Thurman Gets Revenge
Kill Bill Volume 2 Update
Invincible - Mark Wahlberg
Snakes on a Plane
Black Dog - Patrick Swayze

Historic Movie Reviews
Kingdom of Heaven
Roar - Irish Medieval TV Series
Merlin - Medieval TV Series

Mystery Movie Reviews
The Usual Suspects

Daniel Day-Lewis Movie Reviews
A Room With A View
The Crucible

Alias Season Reviews
Alias Season 1
Alias Season 2
Alias Season 3
Alias Season 4

House MD Season Reviews
House Season 1
House Season 2

Plasma Window
Shaolin Soccer
The Ring and Lord of the Rings to Spawn Sequel
Charles Bronson Dead at Age 81

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