Roar - Irish Medieval TV Series
Episode 3 - Revenge of the Druids

As we begin episode 3, it appears that a group of Klu Klux Klan white-robed people are going to burn a poor little 6 year old boy alive while his parents watch. All Conor can say is something along the lines of "isn't there another way? No? Oh well ..." But luckily the boy is the Chosen One (but not Tibetan) and he puts out the fire without even needed a glass of water. It appears he is the new father of all druids on Ireland and is going to be taken to the Druid Castle to lead them (I kid you not).

Of course, nothing in this series is ever easy. The kid just wants to stay home. A bunch of druids start dragging him away and are slain. Conor and team show up and even though the boy reiterates his desire to go home, Conor is convinced he should go to Druid Central.

The Queen Diana (i.e. the Evil Queen) shows up and tries to seduce the boy (ick) with sweets and treats. Conor fools her and grabs the boy, once again bringing him towards the Druid Temple. Once they get there, it turns out it was the druids in charge who were trying to slay the boy, because they like being in charge and don't want to report to a tiny lad. They attempt to kill the kid - but in a deft twist of fate, the kid kills off the main assassin who is going after Conor.

Finally the parents show up and want to take the kid home - but now he has of course matured and grown and he says he wants to stay and guide the druids to be better.

Lisa's comments:

A nice premise - but druids living in castles?? First, druids were pretty much being stamped out around 150 - 200AD from what I read. So the idea of a large scale druid movement in 400AD seems a bit iffy. Second, druids were very much nature worshippers. They would live in something more akin to the open Rivendell homestead, not in a cold, stuffy, heavy-stone castle. The main druid education center was on an island off of Wales, and even that I imagine was not a giant Norman castle.

The kid was definitely channeling the Golden Child here. I was waiting for the parrot to fly in ...

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