Roar - Irish Medieval TV Series
Episode 2 - Gunpowder is Bad

We begin Episode 2 with what I would normally find a very encouraging scene. Conor is fighting a woman warrior who is holding her own against him. So far so good! However, this woman is dressed like a Harley's Hell Trollop -

Complete with a dog collar plus spikes. I'm sorry, but I've done a fair amount of research on medieval clothing and women were NOT dressed like this. Especially women who fought. They would actually try to protect their body with armor. Still, let's assume this was some sort of bizarre spike-loving woman.

Along comes an Indian man (complete with turban - we're definitely going multicultural with this series) who brings ... gunpowder! Yes, every medieval story seems to love to be the one to introduce the marvel of gunpowder to the idiotic Brits / Celts. This is no exception. A little girl is almost blown up by the magic. They call it "atmos".

Of course, the bad guys love this stuff and want it all. The good guys are more nervous. "Science will split us at the seams" wisely intones one of the good guys. Which really bugs me. They're claiming there was no "science" in the world before gunpowder - and that all science is bad? Heck, wouldn't want to learn about gravity or astronomy or any of those other bad sciences. Never mind the soon-to-be coming medical sciences. Science *is*. It is around us.

But this series isn't about subtle. The Cosmic Dude starts having flash-forwards to just HOW bad gunpowder is, how it destroys mankind, how we all have pain and suffering because of gunpowder. It was like watching Wizards all over again. Sure enough, soon we have a fully fledged gunpowder fight including a cannon which kills off the Indian guy.

Poor Heath with blue finger paint badly dabbed on his face is distraught by this all. He doesn't want to use the nasty science filled gunpowder. It turns out the centurion has a different idea - to end his agonizing 400 years of eternal life, he is going to blow himself into tiny pieces. So he sits on all the remaining gunpowder and explodes it.

Unfortunately for him, somehow the gunpowder didn't even damage his body. And here I was waiting for the "all the little pieces of the Centurion squiggle back together again to reform him" scene. The final roar of this episdoe is the Centurion's frustration for still being stuck in an alive state.

Lisa's comments:

That lady's dog collar costume just slays me. Wrong, wrong wrong. And the bad blue-paint Pict face designs were just sad. I found the anti-gunpowder diatribe to be extremely heavy handed, and the Centurion's desire to die is not given any depth. These are all stories that COULD have great power, but the writing is just really bad. Then the actors deadpan intonation of the lines makes it worse. I am really hoping for this to get better in the coming episodes.

Roar - Irish Medieval TV Series

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