Home Office Laws and Regulations

The laws and regulations governing your home businesses can very GREATLY from business to business, and from location to location. It is always extremely important to talk to your local town hall about what you intend to do, to figure out what you need to do legally. Ignorance is never an excuse in the eyes of the law. It is fully your responsibility to know what to do - it is never the government's responsibility to "guess" what you are attempting and to tell you if you are doing it wrong.

If for example you are selling Avon products from your house and simply mail out brochures, it is likely you do not have to do anything at all. You get the checks, you file them on a Schedule C on your taxes as a 'sole proprietor' and you are all set. There is no way in which your business intrudes on the neighborhood.

But let's say you are a home hairdresser, have a giant sign on your lawn, have lots of people parking up and down your street, and have lots of loud, strange noises coming from your home all hours of the day or night. You could easily be violating many different ordinances with this behavior.

If you change ANY outward appearance of your home - from signs on the lawn, signs in the window, etc., check into it first. If you are going to cause an increase in traffic with your business, check into this too. Many states require home bakeries have an entirely separate kitchen for 'business use' to ensure it stays clean, for example. Some locations require proof of appropriate insurance before you set up a home business that could cause hazards, like making candles or working with flammable substances.

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