Basic Home Office Setup

The most important thing to remember when you are setting up your home office is that this really must be looked at as a REAL, serious business venture. If you don't take the time to do the finances properly, to research the issues properly, and to do the preparation and work required, it is going to fail. No 'get rich quick' schemes work for the unmotivated, and no home offices work for the habitually lazy. I don't mean to be harsh here, but if you find yourself going to watch soap operas all day long, with your feet up, drinking beer, this is just NOT going to work. You need to face that reality and work somewhere that a boss is watching over you.

It is critical that you do the evaluations I have on this site and really plan your home area so that it gives you the best possible chance for success. We are all different human beings. We all have different motivations and desires. Some of us are motivated by 'making lots of money'. Some of us are motivated by 'doing high quality work that earns us praise'. Some of us are motivated by 'becoming very well known and appreciated in our community'. It really doesn't matter WHY you are motivated the way you are, or if it is "good" or "bad" morally. All that matters is that you DO know how you are motivated, and you set yourself up to succeed by working towards that motivation. If in the end all you care about is money, but you try to organize your entire business to get you community kudos, it isn't going to work. You are your business. If you feel burnt out or uninterested in working, then who else will do the work for you? This needs to be something you actively WANT to do 24 hours a day, actively want to talk to people about, actively want to promote. Those are the businesses that succeed, expand, grow.

So it doesn't matter in a "cosmic" sense if your home office is an entire room of the house laid out with the latest or greatest in equipment and desk area, or your kitchen table. It comes down to your mentality. Are you a go-getter that can dedicate to a project no matter what? Then the kitchen table will probably be fine, because you can get your work done no matter what. Are you someone who is easily distracted and who tends to lose interest in tasks? Then a separate room far away from distractions might easily become a "must have", because otherwise you will not be able to concentrate on the job. For some people, a dedicated room with nothing but business stuff in it might be intimidating! In the end, don't rely on one rule, or one system. We are all different people. We all have different brains. You need to sit down and be honest, and think about works well for you. Don't say "I know I can avoid the TV!" when in reality you know you LOVE watching TV. You need to be honest here. This isn't about fooling yourself or making hard promises. Running a business is hard enough to begin with. You need to give yourself as much support as you possibly can, to make this a success.

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