Cat Stapleless Stapler

I try to do my best to live an eco-friendly life. Pouring piles of staples into our trash systems is something to be avoided. So I was thrilled when I found this cat stapler which does the task of stapling without staples.

Cat Stapleless Stapler What it does is punch and bend the paper itself into a hooked shape. That is, it punches a corner of the paper - all the way through the pile - and causes that section of the paper to bend in and wrap to hold it in place. So this only works with a few sheets of paper, and it does damage the paper. The paper now folds under to hold itself in place.

Here is a visual of what is going on. The stapler creates a punch, you can see the hole in this image. That area of paper is now folded underneath the paper. Then there is also a "slit" - I drew an arrow pointing at it. You're supposed to tuck that folded paper into the slit, to hold it all in place.

The paper clip is there for a size reference.

Cat Stapleless Stapler

Unfortunately, in practice this really doesn't work very well. It's hard to get that loop of paper to fold into the hole. It doesn't hold very well. This just isn't a reliable way to connect pieces of paper together.

I would recommend using a paper clip instead, for a system that doesn't involve waste and that doesn't permanently damage your documents.

Still, I do keep the pink cat on my desk, to remind me to think of eco-friendly solutions. Hopefully other solutions will be more workable, though.

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