Tracking your Social Networking Website Updates

Once you begin to have multiple sites, it can be challenging to organize which sites you've done social networking for in a given day. Here's my system to manage that!

I have nine different areas that I want to market to social networking sites on a daily basis. A checklist would have to be printed out each day or managed in an online form. I do better with visual items that can call my attention to them. So I came up with the idea of colored squares.

Here is what they look like -

Tracking your Social Networking Website Updates

I print these out and have them on my desk. That way I can glance at them and see what still needs to be done. When I work on one of the areas, I then move that into a "done" pile. By the end of the day, all should be done.

Yes, I could have a checklist instead - but my desk is already covered with checklists. The way social media works, you can do a quick post in the middle of something else and get it done. You need to easily know which area still needs that quick post, though. The squares make that easy.

Here are my source files, for you to edit and work with!

Tracking your Social Networking Website Updates - PDF version
Tracking your Social Networking Website Updates - Word DOC version

Let me know if you have any questions!

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