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Back in the old days, MySpace was primarily a network for bands to talk with each other and share their music. Over time it began to expand so that non-bands began joining in - i.e. the fans :) Once this happened, things exploded. Suddenly all sorts of teens and 20-something people were on MySpace. That is still the primary group of people on MySpace, and if you check out their pages, many of the pages are still filled with information about bands and movies that these people love.

However, MySpace is open to all ages (above age 13) and this can be very beneficial for you in your marketing quests. If you create a page for your business, you can link to images and news about your products. People who subscribe to your blog there can get updates about what you are doing with your product line and any improvements you make. Your loyal fans will be thrilled to join your friend list, which then gets you more marketing.

Yes, you should be sending your newsletters and alerts out through your main site system - but why not post a copy on here, too? It is always great to have your information out in as many ways as possible. MySpace users love to have more friends to link to.

Note that the MySpace system - being set up for teenagers - is not very customizable. You have to in essence "insert" CSS and other commands into one of your standard text field comment boxes and have it hijack the page's settings. This means you have to be fairly good with CSS and HTML in order to do this in a way that still looks professional. But still, even if you go with their default look and feel, it is yet another way to get the word out about your business and to provide links to your latest news and information.

In my case, I have a BellaOnline MySpace page set up with two functions. One is to link to all editors who have a MySpace page, to help promote them. This is a way to help "give back" to our editors, to give them added bonusses (bonii?) for being a part of the BellaOnline network. It does mean we have to "turn down" friend requests from non editors who want to join our network, which is a little sad. It's a trade-off.

The second benefit with the BellaOnline MySpace page is we promote our newsletters here, so that our newsletters that promote our latest happenings get a much wider reach. Always a good thing!

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