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You might think of eBay as only a sales site. However, it is a GREAT promotion tool.

Every single eBay listing you make links to your profile. Your profile can have links you are interested in and other details. Customize up your profile and your MyWorld area to be all about the things you offer. Then offer some of your product in an auction. Expect to lose money on this. People won't pay on eBay what they would pay in the regular marketplace. However you get a ton of free publicity this way!

I have often listed bouquets of origami flowers on eBay. They sell for little money. However, someone who sees a yellow bouquet of flowers and really wants white ones will then contact me to pay full price for the white flowers. It is a super way to get free marketing for your site and products.

I have many pages in this area on how to use eBay to promote yourself and your business! Read and enjoy!

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